Part 2 of 3 dedicated to Dan Andrew's post from Tropical MBA.

1)  Podcast Specialist/Sound Engineer for Natalie Sisson
After meeting Natalie Sisson ( in the Bay Area, I started out as a business development intern, assisting her in managing her clients' database and designing her Media Kit to send out to potential sponsors.  Before a few months of launching her podcast series, Natalie selected me to become her Podcast Specialist, giving me a few weeks to become efficiently fluent with Audacity software.  I still continue to edit her podcast interviews and upload onto iTunes, which I continue to do biweekly.  

Podcast downloads as of May 19th
May            45
June           533
July            317            (until July 5th)
Total          895

Highest downloads per day:
125-June 1
84--June 28

We launched Natalie's podcast series on May 19th and have seen tremendous results totaling nearly 900 downloads in 7 weeks, from listeners of iTunes.  

The system I created allows me to spend 2-3 hours per episode editing on Audacity and upload on iTunes.

2) SEO Optimization eCourse
Currently I have not started on a personal project, but rather enrolled myself in an eCourse with the Keyword Academy after becoming curious wanting to find methods to generate traffic to websites.  I have had the opportunity to learn ways to search for strong keywords in Google Adwords Keyword Tool, calculate profit potentials(both globally & locally,) check keyword competitiveness, and seed out 'navigational' keywords.  I am in my second week with the Keyword Academy, which takes you in a process of carefully selecting your final sets of keywords, as well as selecting secondary and long-tail keywords, then creating a simple website to create articles, links, and backlinking for optimizing traffic. 

Pat Flynn is known to have been successful in his keyword "security guard" and reveals his backlinking strategies here as well. 

Chris Ducker recently launched his keyword niche site and opened a public challenge to motivate each other for tips and tricks.

3) Volunteer translator and editor for Rescue Japan
Many active NGOs and NPOs in Japan are helping out the Tohoku areas affected by the the tsunami and earthquake.  After viewing several organizations, I selected to offer my assistance for Rescue Japan, a bilingual group focusing on transportation of logistics of donated goods to the north.  The conditions in Tohoku are not improving, with the monsoon season drastically increasing the number of flies in many fish factories left deserted in the simmering summer humidity.  The refugees still living at centers were glad enough just to have someone listen to their stories, but there is still so much to be done. 

I wanted to be part of an organization in the long-term and offered my ability to translate and edit the web content.  I do not have access to changing the text directly, but email the texts to the Founder/Director of Operations of Rescue Japan, who is an ex-pat living in Japan.  I offer 1-3 hours of editorial volunteer work per week for Rescue Japan.


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