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Following Bloggers
Over the last few months, it has been entertaining reading many blog posts related to personal finance, internet marketing, online business, personal branding techniques, personal development, keyword SEO optimization, and PR techniques.  

Tim Ferris's 4HWW concept that termed Location Independent Lifestyle, spread out in the blogging community like fire, and I started following other well known entrepreneurial bloggers I'm sure you're already familiar with such as such as Ramit SethPat Flynn, and Chris Ducker that specialize in personal finance, improving business online, and virtual outsourcing. 

I also follow several blogging travelers while doing business who have labeled themselves, "digital nomads" or have taken upon the "minimalistic lifesyle design," challenging themselves to living simply with a limited number of materialistic possessions.  These include Natalie SissonAshley Ambirge, Colin Wright, and Everett Bogue.  Another category of bloggers I follow are the personal development bloggers such as Celestine ChuaTina Su, and Farnoosh Brock, just to name a few.  

All these admirable pro-bloggers have an aggressive attitude and charismatic passion for growing their personal brands and businesses.  

My hobby: To avoid boredom = constantly learn new skills
Being of a curious nature, I enjoy finding different and creative ways people support themselves, bringing me here working in Nagano, Japan at a family-run outdoor tourism company.  Surrounded by outdoor enthusiasts who all respect nature, I came here with two goals in mind: 

1)  To see how a small company operates in the depths of the mountains 
2)  To learn the business Japanese language as formalities are stricter than everyday street language.

One cannot grow without facing one's own fears.  I'm a true believer in immersing oneself into the unknown--whether it be a new culture or new job.  Eventually the fear dissipates, until you reflect back and wander why you feared so much, and instead realizing how much you have grown from overcoming what used to be your fear. 

I am confident of feeding my burning desire to learn beyond the basic knowledge of Adword optimization, Drupal 6, and PHP, from the HTML, Javascript, and Salesforce background I already have.  After viewing several tutorials and the overview of  Drupal 6, I am ready to get my hands dirty to learn the many functions Drupal has to offer.  Also, I used to work at a non-profit organization in Oakland, California using Salesforce to track monetary gifts and donations, and send out quarterly newsletters of updates from our organization.  I believe these skills can be transferable to learning Ubercart quickly.

I will be a good fit as a fast learner, ready to feed my curious desire to learning and implementing the acquired skills for your eCommerce projects.  I look forward to facing the learning steps of failures and victories in your journey of long-term success.


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