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1.  The Suitcase Entrepreneur by Natalie Sisson
****Perhaps slightly biased (in a positive way) as I work for Natalie :D

Natalie Sisson founded The Suitcase Entrepreneur in 2009 for two main purposes:
1)  To offer busy entrepreneurs resourceful tools they need to support their business.
2)  To offer insight, inspiration, and advise to fellow female entrepreneurs to successfully build their business anywhere, wanting to create freedom in their business and bring adventure in their life.

The Suitcase Entrepreneur has committed to donating 10% of all sales of membership, products, and programs to 60 Million Girls, an organization supporting girls to stay in school in developing countries. 
  • Natalie Sisson has co-founded a Facebook App FundRazr in 2008.
  • Been selected by Nike in 2010 as an ‘outstanding female blogger.’
  • Natalie is a world class champion in Body Sculpting from 2004, held World Record for Dragon Boating in 2007, and World Beach Ultimate Championships from 2007.  
Why I like The Suitcase Entrepreneur: Natalie takes her world class athletic ethics out into her business world and aggressively tackles new projects, giving every sweat of her dedication to her clients and audiences from her blog.  Natalie actively publishes about 3-4 posts per week. 

I admired Natalie's dedication to assisting female entrepreneurs, as well as her dedication to giving part of her proceeds to a foundation that supports continuing education for girls in developing countries.  I have been following Natalie blog since mid 2010.  

2.  Copyblogger by Brian Clark
Brian Clark founded Copyblogger in 2006 and has created a simply designed blog with loads of useful information on copywriting, content marketing, email marketing, keyword research, and internet marketing to help business owners better attract more traffic to their websites. 

Brian Clark has been featured in two books by Seth Godin, Linchpin and Meatball Sundae.
Also featured in Problogger by Darren Rowse and Chris Garrett

Why I like The Copyblogger: Brian did a fantastic job explaining and defining what each category is, differences between key terms such as content marketing and copywriting.  Under each tab, he does a brief 101 overview of the key term and then either lists blog posts related in that field or goes into a step by step tutorial series.  Mainly I enjoy his method of organization to allow me to focus in one key term instead of jumping from theme to theme, which quite often happens in many blogs.

Brian gets awarded to be in my Top 3 bloggers for his organizational skills and easy to follow content for audience beginning their interest in improving their SEO, copywriting, content marketing, and online marketing skills.

3. PR in Your Pajamas by Elena Verlee
Elena Verlee realized many solo entrepreneurs and small businesses could not afford publicists and created the PR in Your Pajamas blog.  She specializes in giving tips and tricks on creating Media Tool Kits, writing Media Pitches, PR Case studies, and on Social Media.  

Elena Verlee has successfully created a seven-figure business, and has sold two businesses for six-figures.  Recently Elena and her husband started a sock company, and only by using PR marketing skills, managed to attract a buyer for six figures in nine months. 

Why I like The PR in Your Pajamas:  
Many of us have started using social media for personal uses.  I started using social media as an intern at a non-profit organization to promote products, programs, and events.  I became curious as to how I could maximize potential to increase more people to sign up, spread the word, through social media and came across Elena's blog. Some organizations did not have social media policies, and Elena's advises and tips have helped me develop different methods to use social media for promoting professionally.


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