No wander his Surf Lifestyle Design blog was not getting much updates.  Sal is working on numerous blogs.

I haven't touched my website in about 10 days not knowing which direction to go, and after talking to Sal I got re-energized and re-inspired to get back to work.

*Some suggestions he made was using Hootsuite for multiple twitter accounts.  
*Focusing on buyer intent keywords---for those already searching to buy kite gear
*Using Fivr for themes....and designs perhaps.

But he was getting 100~200 hits a day on his blogs and said it is possible within a few months. I just have to keep writing.

It was a surprise when he said, "I'm jealous of you since you only have one website to focus on.  So instead of doing multiple projects, I should focus on accomplishing one.  
Project 1.  Interview Pro-surfers
Project 2.  Do sponsorship consulting Service---
Project 3.  Competition Prep ebooks or email series. training course "Zero to Hero"
Project 4.  Write review---Ramped Review like bike
Project 5.  **Different domain name***ID Bracelet Fair Trade

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