Super excited to get input from Sal Greco tomorrow!!  Have a few questions for him as far as online marketing and what he thinks for the interviews from a surfers perspective. 

Added Twitter, facebook, linked in, google + like buttons to every article. 
Frustrating trying to figure out all the little technical difficulties, but that's the joy of it.

3 Project ideas I emailed Sal about: 1.  There are MANY kitesurfing sites out there and I wanted to make it slightly different by interviewing pro-riders to how they got to where they are today. How they entered their first competition, how they got their first sponsorship and their journey as a Pro. This is mainly to encourage the advanced kitesurfers to go out and compete.

2) Ebook for beginners. 

3) Medical ID bracelet for kitesurfers and surfers. The chances or accidents is rare, but I'm sure loved ones are relieved to know that they can be identified if something happens. I'd like to find something stainless steel and rather than do corporate custom style design, I'd rather go Fair Trade. I'm currently in Thailand until December, so hopefully I can find somebody.
Here's what it looks like again. Changed the theme to Epsilon.

Just got back from my 2 week trip to Ko Phi Phi and Krabi. Amazing~~~Details in my Thailand travel blog.  Literally I felt the trip has changed me, my perspective of learning to take it slow, "Take it easy" "Kai yen jen" as Thai people would say.  I've met so many inspirational, great people, that I just wanted to keep traveling.  Anyway, back in Pranburi for kitesurfing and update my website.

To Do:

Blog post ideas
Mechanics of 
Water Danger

Beginner Guide: Beginner series--teaser blog post and perhaps eventually ebook
Include topics: Etiquette & 

Social Media
I wanted to hold onto Social Media tactics until I get more content, but Sal Greco was offering a free consultation so I messaged him on Facebook and he said he would love to help, especially helping from the start.

Facebook Like buttom

Research how to monetize with writing reviews.  I read an article and didn't save it.

Found this new blog about interviewing pro-athletes: