I bought the domain August 30th, downloaded, installed a few themes to choose from.  I can worry about designing, marketing, and gathering traffic later.  I need to establish quality content and establish a purpose for the site.  The mission is done.  My main concern is whether to narrow this down to only female trainers or for male & female.  Most likely I will start with both male & female.

Here are a few links of tips for beginner bloggers. 
Maybe for Later 
Do you have any idea how scared shitless...or shitful I am? I have no idea what to do...but I need to find a purpose for this website and get it going, with quality content.  I really want to interview pro-riders so that will be my main project.  

Otherwise, booked my flight to Thailand, RT cost me $111 +25,000 Alaskan Miles through Cathay Pacific b/c of Chris's Travel Hacking Site~~Thank you! Saved me a good $650.  Layover in Bangkok for 3 days, and perhaps a visit to Laos or Vietnam.

Good night world.  You treat me so, oh so well.  Thank you.

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