Broken links....called Host Gator saying it was a plugin problem.  Website fixed but now couldn't login to my wp-admin.

Kept getting this error: "W3 Total Cache Error: some files appear to be missing or out of place. Please re-install plugin or remove /home/rlancet/public_html/wp-content/advanced-cache.php.
Had to do the Filezilla and delete three files from the W3 Advanced Cache."


I deleted in wp-content file the  advanced-cache.php,db.php, and other.php
and finally can login to my wordpress dashboard.

Tada! Now back into login and creating content....frustration for a few days and now feel lighter that I fixed the problem.
No wander his Surf Lifestyle Design blog was not getting much updates.  Sal is working on numerous blogs.

I haven't touched my website in about 10 days not knowing which direction to go, and after talking to Sal I got re-energized and re-inspired to get back to work.

*Some suggestions he made was using Hootsuite for multiple twitter accounts.  
*Focusing on buyer intent keywords---for those already searching to buy kite gear
*Using Fivr for themes....and designs perhaps.

But he was getting 100~200 hits a day on his blogs and said it is possible within a few months. I just have to keep writing.

It was a surprise when he said, "I'm jealous of you since you only have one website to focus on.  So instead of doing multiple projects, I should focus on accomplishing one.  
Project 1.  Interview Pro-surfers
Project 2.  Do sponsorship consulting Service---
Project 3.  Competition Prep ebooks or email series. training course "Zero to Hero"
Project 4.  Write review---Ramped Review like bike
Project 5.  **Different domain name***ID Bracelet Fair Trade

Super excited to get input from Sal Greco tomorrow!!  Have a few questions for him as far as online marketing and what he thinks for the interviews from a surfers perspective. 

Added Twitter, facebook, linked in, google + like buttons to every article. 
Frustrating trying to figure out all the little technical difficulties, but that's the joy of it.

3 Project ideas I emailed Sal about: 1.  There are MANY kitesurfing sites out there and I wanted to make it slightly different by interviewing pro-riders to how they got to where they are today. How they entered their first competition, how they got their first sponsorship and their journey as a Pro. This is mainly to encourage the advanced kitesurfers to go out and compete.

2) Ebook for beginners. 

3) Medical ID bracelet for kitesurfers and surfers. The chances or accidents is rare, but I'm sure loved ones are relieved to know that they can be identified if something happens. I'd like to find something stainless steel and rather than do corporate custom style design, I'd rather go Fair Trade. I'm currently in Thailand until December, so hopefully I can find somebody.
Here's what it looks like again. Changed the theme to Epsilon.

Just got back from my 2 week trip to Ko Phi Phi and Krabi. Amazing~~~Details in my Thailand travel blog.  Literally I felt the trip has changed me, my perspective of learning to take it slow, "Take it easy" "Kai yen jen" as Thai people would say.  I've met so many inspirational, great people, that I just wanted to keep traveling.  Anyway, back in Pranburi for kitesurfing and update my website.

To Do:

Blog post ideas
Mechanics of 
Water Danger

Beginner Guide: Beginner series--teaser blog post and perhaps eventually ebook
Include topics: Etiquette & 

Social Media
I wanted to hold onto Social Media tactics until I get more content, but Sal Greco was offering a free consultation so I messaged him on Facebook and he said he would love to help, especially helping from the start.

Facebook Like buttom

Research how to monetize with writing reviews.  I read an article and didn't save it.

Found this new blog about interviewing pro-athletes:


I bought the domain August 30th, downloaded, installed a few themes to choose from.  I can worry about designing, marketing, and gathering traffic later.  I need to establish quality content and establish a purpose for the site.  The mission is done.  My main concern is whether to narrow this down to only female trainers or for male & female.  Most likely I will start with both male & female.

Here are a few links of tips for beginner bloggers. 
Maybe for Later 
Do you have any idea how scared shitless...or shitful I am? I have no idea what to do...but I need to find a purpose for this website and get it going, with quality content.  I really want to interview pro-riders so that will be my main project.  

Otherwise, booked my flight to Thailand, RT cost me $111 +25,000 Alaskan Miles through Cathay Pacific b/c of Chris's Travel Hacking Site~~Thank you! Saved me a good $650.  Layover in Bangkok for 3 days, and perhaps a visit to Laos or Vietnam.

Good night world.  You treat me so, oh so well.  Thank you.

Weird how the above title words all begin with F. FFF.
So I have faced my ultimate fear of finally........creating an offical .com website!!! I DID IT!!!

I got a little help from John Chow, as you can read from his post here, if you buy hostgator through him with a 25% discount, then send him the receipt he will set up Wordpress for you.  Although I've been watching videos of how to set it up, seems pretty easy.... but if it took me this long to start something after reading blogs for 2+ years, I figured I'd do it with a little help.

Also Corbett Barr started his Million Dollar Project and mentioned keeping progress of your blog in another journal so my weebly will become a progress journal for my site.  I have absolutely NOTHING on the site and will not reveal it to anyone that I know personally until all is set up.  Anyway Aug 31st was the day I bought 2am?

Amazing thing is I paid with my American credit card. Hostgator wanted to verify my CC and asked I scan ID and CC (covering up to last 4 digits.)  Then woke up, this morning found another email from Hostgator asking me to give an explanation of why my IP address was different than my billing address. WOW. Talk about security.  Pretty impressive.

Was brainstorming ideas for website domain name.

These were taken, or aready owned and cost a lot.....
So finally I took upon a name, decided around 2am and just DID IT!!~~
I have been
Today marks the 1 month arrival here at Evergreen Outdoor Center in Hakuba, Nagano.  
First time in my life that I have not lived in a city.  I left Tokyo at age 18 and moved to Los Angeles, then to San Francisco, then to Santiago, Chile and back to San Francisco.  I promised not to return to Tokyo to live, although I craved wanting to move back to Japan (mainly for food :D).  As soon as Evergreen gave me an opportunity for employment and a lodge to live in, I was on board for the offer.  I have not regretted a single second being here amongst nature and amongst international crowd with such positive vibe. 

For the last month, I have been around outdoor tour guides watching their CPR, First Aid, and training to be potential guides to canyoning, kayaking, canoeing, MTB-ing.  For those that pass the test, and crossing the line when they become official assistant guides is super exciting.  As the Aussie dreaded Jimi quoted in today's daily weather report we post up in office, "There is no 'I' in TEAM."  Go team.

So what is this epiphany I am talking about????  To start off with, let's start with the definition.

Definition of epiphany.
"A sudden, intuitive perception of or insight into the reality or essential meaning of something, usually initiated by some simple, homely, or commonplace occurrence or experience."

Surrounded by neon greenery, not having visited a retail store in a month-- only super markets and covenient stores--has made me revisit my  dream of kite surfing.  Not a sudden, but slow approaching epiphany, definitely initiated by simple lifestyle of living and daydreaming in the mountains.

Started watching YouTube clips on kitesufing or kite boarding, checked out some worldwide schools, which most seem to be located in Thailand.  They have 3 month instructor training courses at the kite surfing schools.....hmmmm tempting.  I get a whole month off in November.... I guess there are some points to consider when choosing a school. 

1.  Is school IKO affiliated center (International Kitesurfing Organization)?
2.  Is the instructor certified?
3.  Does location have enough wind in November?

To follow my dream or not.....or to come back to Hakuba for winter season....

I followed my heart to Evergreen and not my head.  It felt right, and still feels right.  Emotion vs Rationality.....let the fun begin. We shall see what country I end up/what passions I will be following after November....