Weird how the above title words all begin with F. FFF.
So I have faced my ultimate fear of finally........creating an offical .com website!!! I DID IT!!!

I got a little help from John Chow, as you can read from his post here, if you buy hostgator through him with a 25% discount, then send him the receipt he will set up Wordpress for you.  Although I've been watching videos of how to set it up, seems pretty easy.... but if it took me this long to start something after reading blogs for 2+ years, I figured I'd do it with a little help.

Also Corbett Barr started his Million Dollar Project and mentioned keeping progress of your blog in another journal so my weebly will become a progress journal for my site.  I have absolutely NOTHING on the site and will not reveal it to anyone that I know personally until all is set up.  Anyway Aug 31st was the day I bought 2am?

Amazing thing is I paid with my American credit card. Hostgator wanted to verify my CC and asked I scan ID and CC (covering up to last 4 digits.)  Then woke up, this morning found another email from Hostgator asking me to give an explanation of why my IP address was different than my billing address. WOW. Talk about security.  Pretty impressive.

Was brainstorming ideas for website domain name.

These were taken, or aready owned and cost a lot.....
So finally I took upon a name, decided around 2am and just DID IT!!~~
I have been

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