First day out.  Jans drove me to school on his motorbike and I rode behind him.  Last time I rode was with Luis M behind his bike 3 or 4 years ago, so this is my second time.  Scary, but exciting 3 min ride.  Instructor Jay got my gear set up although I won't be using my gear for awhile, I'll be using the school's gear. 

Learned half day on trainer kite.  Then half day on 6 m kite.  Not so hard.  Learned how to set up strings, terms of bridle, strut, wind direction, pump air in.  Learned how to control kite, right, left. Tommy, another Swedish guy helped me relaunch kite when I fell.

Lunch at nearby. Mango shake yum yum.  Squid rice.  Jans got watermelon shake. Mine was thicker, his more like Mexican juice.

Rented a motorbike for 3000 baht per month.
Fiore in blue and orange. 

Followed Jans to Tesco market about 20-30 min out on my bike.
On way back, made U-turn in front of Tommy's house and made a spill.  
A few scratches on the bike, next day Jay said it would probably cost 500 baht. (which ended up 1400 baht) About $40

Enough excitement. First day of kiting & motorbiking & falling.......enough adventure in 1 day :D

Day 3 Sept 19
I wanted to pay for school and had 25 man yen in traveler's check.
I didn't feel comfortable carrying a wad of cash so asked Jans to drive me.  Rode behind him and he busted 80, then 100 km/hr. Ahhh
Went to one bank but they wouldn't do traveler's check so drove 20 more minutes to another bank. Bingo

Got 97,350 baht for 25 man yen.  38 baht to 100 yen.
 But 2% conversion rate to traveler's check in Japan which was 5000 yen
 So here is conversion
255,000yen (included 5000 fee from 2% conversion @ Narita aiport)= -97,350B
1310-500 B
98,000 for school  
 1000 for sunglasses
 3000 for motorbike

Nuu Thai instructor from Hua Hin school taught us today.  We did body dragging and I loved it!  Ate Green curry at the bar in front of the beach.  The grandma and the mom just loved flirting with the boys.  Thai women seem to love flirting!  

Only did half day since rest of day the winds were not right.

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