On my way to the school, the houseowner was in the garden doing some work in his cute little skirt.  He said "Hello" to me with a huuuuuge smile and I replied "Sa wat dii kha?" (Hello) afraid I made a mistake on my accent so ended up with squeaky question mark.  He just started laughing and I didn't know his smile could get any bigger. Sweet guy.  Tomorrow I'll challenge myself to say Good morning "A run sa wat" and also Thanks "Khawp khun kha" KKK is Thanks.  So far it's been scary not to understand when they speak to me in Thai.  I'll have to be courageous to speak back little by little, and eliminate my fear of making mistake, because of course I will.  Reminds me of studying abroad in Chile.  I'll have to be comfortable feeling uncomfortable and go beyond my comfort zone.  Wasn't expecting to learn Thai, but might as well take advantage while I'm here for 2 months. :D

Second day in a row with no wind.  We tried going to cable park but on the way found out they are under construction.  Went to go check it out in Hua Hin and sure enough, the man made lake was dug up, and a new building for check-in was under construction.  A few hundred meters away, they were developing a few houses.  This is in the middle of nowhere, about 10 minutes from Hua Hin.  Apparently a Swedish owner of the golf courses was building the cable park, spending a good million bucks on it.  I don't know how they would profit since this area has foreigners that are 60+ white haired dudes with Thai girlfriends.  

Going to go try to check out cable park in Phucket with Karla. Phucket starting Sept 27
No kitesurfing today.  Just studying the workbook and DVD. 

They are making the road in front of the school wider and just put cement in front of the school.  Jans went to go write in it. I didn't want to leave my name so wrote Sushi, the can'ts name in Japanese.寿司 with a little tail.

There are so many stray dogs.  A puppy was making itself comfortable on the beanie couch as I was at school in the dark past 7pm.  I secretly gave some of my coconut biscuit and a little cat food. I wander where Sushi, the cat went.  I wander if the puppy will be there tomorrow.

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