My body needs a rest after kitesurfing & Muay Thai-ing for a month.  Even if there is little wind, my body craves to kitesurf.....just so I can improve slightly.  So I decided to get out of the city to go to Bangkok to volunteer with 
Thailand Flood Org.  

Left Pranburi at 11:40 to arrive around 4pm in Bangkok.  Took moto taxi.....doing scary! to Khao San Road, wandered around where a night was 350-400 baht...until found a locally Thai owned clean guest house for 150 B a night.  Stayed there, came back to search the organization in the morning where I am today.  Off to go check out the flooded areas, to deliver EM balls that apparently sanitize the water.  They are mixed with rice bran, some chemicals that past volunteers made here.  

Before yesterday, went to Muay Thai and went to market with Peh and Pang on my moto to buy some dinner.  First time I climbed over fence to enter Toom's house.....and they ate on floor. I wanted to wash my toe which my nail broke during my training....

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