Rain is coming...view outside school, 3 min from house
I asked around the village if someone taught Muay Thai since the closest one is about a 30 min scooter ride.  Finally the English owner's wife from Bamboo Bar had a friend who taught Muay Thai.  She hopped on my scooter and we went to her friend's house.  Then he called his friend, "ladyboy" Muay Thai figher.  The wife went back to bar with my scooter and farmer's son took me to the gym to meet her.  Super nice, pretty, beautiful face structure, more feminine than me in mannerism and etiquette.  So decided to start the day after.  Her name is Nong Toom and she just recently built her gym for children and women to train since many gyms don't allow women.  Coincidence or serendipity that a "female" Thai champion boxer's house and gym is 3km from me.  And she makes training very fun and comfortable :D

Had my first Muay Thai lesson with Nong Toom, the "Beautiful Boxer" on 10/11.  Her movie trailer is here. I have yet to see the movie. 

 On way back, I got a little lost, since I can't read Thai and I don't even know where I live, just along the beach near Evason Resort.  

Scooting along the paved roads through farm lands, there was a lot of cow poo.  I was going about 50km/hr and couldn't get out of the way.  SPLAT. I felt a little on my sandals. Beautiful beautiful. and I'm lost. Am I going north or south? 
Finally saw Police Station sign for 5km and I kind of live near there.  Came to the familiar round about and knowing where I am, I feel safer.  

Told Pierre what happened and he said with his Frenchy accent. "Oh. You stepped in bull shit."  Thank you for describing that so poetically &  beautifully.  Ah, the joys of Thailand :)

So my everyday life consists of hanging out with these guys: 
J--instructor/Pranburi shop owner
Dee-J's wife
Jan-Canadian/Jamaican student #1
Pierre-Frenchy student #2
Mai-Pierre's gf from Laos
Manu-student #3
Pet- Manu's gf from Laos (Mai & Pet were co-workers)
Me-student #4

8 of us :D
Left (Sai) to Right (Fa) Me, Mai, Dee, Pierre
Eating Mak mee (in Laos) fruit? that Dee & Mai peeled

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