To Do:
1. Travel Google 検索
2.  Check if I need virus, immunization for Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, India
3.  Check out massage schools 5 days-1 week
4.  Check out hostels/CS to stay in Hong Kong and first night at Bangkok

To Buy:
1.  Macbook protection case.
2.  Thai converter
Found Awesome Travel Site

Thanks to Chris's Travel Hack, I got 40k miles worth Alaska Airlines free!!! Of which I can use 25k roundtrip from Japan to Thailand for $100 in tax & ticket fee. woohooooooo

My travel partner in crime will be my Osprey Sirrus 36L backpack I picked up from Rappie, outdoor sport shop in Hakuba.
Tested it out on the staff trip to Shizuoka & Nagiso for 3 days and it's super light and comfortable with the mesh rack.  The mesh rack could be used as a pillow too. Also cute color :D  Most of all, I love the rain sheet cover that is hidden inside the pocket, a secret zipper where I could perhaps keep my important documents.  Check out my new buddy below! The price was pretty reasonable at 12,000 yen ($150).  But exchange rate was at about 78 yen to the dollar, and I was getting paid in yen.  

Learning Thai language

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