Oct 30: FINALLY up on board!!!! Happy day!
Oct 31: My body was so sore from 6 hours from yesterday.  Horrible day.  1 ride down, tried fetching board.  bad mood. sore body. no focus.....should have taken day off and rested my body.  grumpy me.
Nov 1: Woke up rested, and was excited to try again!  Practiced one hand control.  Board---lost board.....try again....lost board, almost made it riding to right side.
Today's facebook status: ‎2 days in a row of pulling safety leash & lost board 3 times. Jens, Jay, and Yanni found it for me....falling and falling....just need to keep getting up :) don't drown.....ride waves...and run away from the sharks. life ain't hard ♥

Really??? Really??? Losing my board 3 times in 2 days....just cuz i can't go RIGHT.  I can only go LEFT out to sea and I can't go towards the land.  body drag.

Day 2 with Pet teaching me massage....we alternated and wow my posture is so much better.  Soreness disappeared.  

Paying Pet 1800 B to learn 6 types of massages. $58

I not only get massage, I learn♥  Pain pain go away.  Can't wait to massage ojiichama and obachama & Gbob & GLenny

Head & Back & Shoulder   2.5 days  30-45 min each
Foot & Legs
Thai Massage
Aroma Therapy
Herbal Massage
forgot last one....

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