I figured no one reads this, except for my one loyal reader, Grandma Lenny :D

Thanks for reading~~~and always great Skyping with you~~~!!!  Skype does wanders~~Talked to Michael two days in a row!!  That happens once every 2 years with that little *&()*&)(**&. 

9:50AM at the kiteschool in front of the beach with Internet.  

Has been light wind the last 2 days, and today seems a little bit stronger wind.  Hoping for bigger wind so that I can master my upwind skills and not walk upwind anymore.  Then after I master that, it's toeside and then I can start jumping and flying!!!!

Yesterday for the first time I got slammed into the water.  Even with a life jacket on, the power of the kite hurt my chests.....no wander why they have impact vests. I think I'll have to invest in one. 

Kite happening #1.  Jens broke his bridle line.  His kite was a 2012 under warantee and the bridle lines can hold up to 1000 kg apparently, and the instructor was really surprised that it just cut off.  And Jens didn't land in rock or crash.  Just his kite let loose.

Kite happening #2.  The German hulk, Dominic walks upwind with his kite towards the trees.  The wind is lighter and I'm so tempted to do that, but rather use more energy and go the safer route and let the kite over water than over trees.  A gust of wind sure enough took his kite down into the construction site.  He was "making friends" with the fishermen, trying to untangle his lines with the fishermen's lines......and then realized he had 2 tears less than 3 cm each on his brand new Airrush kite.  Bummer.....

That's about all the excitement as there is now.  Trying to do double loopty loops with trainer kite on light wind days.  

In the evening went to visit Natcha's little shop next to Toom's mom's shop.  She said A LOT of people from Bangkok are evacuating here into the village.  She's seen many people she's never seen before.  There are about 8 bungalows in our guest house and 2 new families have been there for a week.....I wander if they also evacuated from Bangkok..
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