Finally after over a month I am UP ON THE BOARD!!!!  2 days ago, my body was sore, I had a bad day, bad mood, and just couldn't do it anymore and had a few tears.  But after many hours of sleeping, resting, I got it down!  This week has been such a feat!  I thought it would take a week more to get on board but with determination, I didn't know it would happen in 1 day!  And even went upwind also.  Yesterday I couldn't even go right nor upwind.  2 in half a day.  Wind wasn't strong enough so only kited 2 hours in the morning.

After struggling for the last few weeks, I've mastered to control kite in one hand, body drag upwind, do water launch, go upwind all within a week.  I feel so much more in control the kite.  No more of the kite controlling me.  I know how to use safety release system.  Love love love it.  Still walking upwind, but my goal for the next 3 days is to do enough kiting on board so I don't have to walk anymore.

I even have enough energy to go to Muay Thai today.  Nong Toom is gone to Malaysia to film, so her younger brother will be teaching me.  I haven't gone in a week +++ so super excited.  
Got a 3 cm open wound form stepping on a seashell.  And still healing from slipping by the swimming pool, trying to kick the boxing bag.  All three of my injuries so far are NOT from kitesurfing. Great.....

Then finishing off the night with massage with Pet.  Final session for back, neck, & shoulders and moving on to feet massage today.  

Life can't get any better~

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