It has been raining mostly at nights.  Then the frogs and toads come out and the next day a swarm of dragonflies take over the school.  During the day, the chickens, baby chicks, ducks, dogs cross the street.  

Living in a village, not much goes on.  A quiet, simple lifestyle and I love it. A Friday and Saturday night is the same as a typical weekday night.  The last two nights, there was a dance concert at the temple.  Cheap great food, and little 5 year old girls all made up in fancy dresses dancing to Thai pop songs.  

Visited Nong Toom again and her brother and her were preparing her chickens for a sparring session against each other.  Put the ankle guards, scrubbed on some water and Thai herb and the cock fight began.  There's even a whole magazine dedicated to breeding chickens.  Vietnamese, Burma, even Japanese chickens. 

No wind for 3 days. 
Helping Fon with her sponsor kit to prepare for her KTA Tour starting in November!!

Here's video of Fon teaching me.  We just kitesurfed downwind. Just walking upwind, learning to control with one hand.

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