Third day in a row of great NorthEast wind!!  Super windy yesterday & today. Pierre managed to get on board :D  Jens already is smoothly on board. Today will be me & Manu to try to get on board.  Super windy maybe 15 knots?

Headed out to beach around 11am, just got back 2pm and super tired. I'm lying on the comfy bean bag and I'm nodding my head, since I can still feel myself in the water.

So......hold your applauses.....I was up on board twice....yayyyyyyy.  Super minor accomplishment, yet so big for me!  I'm exchausted from being in water only 2 times.  The first 1.5 hours trying to control kite with one hand to leave at 12 o'clock then last 30 minutes trying to get on board. 

My fabulous instructor Fan, lost her hat :(  

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