Frustrating to only get to practice 2 hours....and only do body dragging.  The instructor from Finland arrived, Yanni and I tagged along the German student and him for water start.  Super windy to be flying 15m light blue Airrush, but boy did I feel the rush :D

Today did more body dragging and tried with board, but when the board is 10cm out from you and then kite is crashing down at water, I needed to save kite first.  By time kite was steady at 12 o'clock....the board is 10 m away. :(  No wander I have to master body dragging first.  But luckily I cheated and the German was my board fetcher for 2 walks, about 2 hours, to make my water launch slightly easier.  Danke shak.

Manu took days and days.....just 30 min to get back to board.  And now he's mastered  body dragging and almost water launch.  Pierre today mastered riding upwind so no more walking for him.  Congrats, he surpassed beginner's level!!  Can't wait to get there.  

So for me, water launch doesn't seem hard.  Just body dragging AND walking upwind.  Walking....takes A LOT of energy out of you with the weight of the wind 

AHHHHHHHH So frustrating with salt water up my nose and eyes......can't wait to flyyyyyy...maybe not this trip.

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